About Us

Italy is famous for producing high-quality, world renowned luxury products. Italian designers use traditional craft techniques mixed with modern innovation and design and draw on their innate Italian flair to create iconic products.

One of them is DORSAL, manufacturer of Italian made mattresses. Dorsal is an Italian company famed for introducing to the market Grand Soleil - foam made from sunflower oil mixed with water. This innovative material is used to create a special variety of natural mattresses that gives definitive support without sinking and deforming and are anti-bacterial and non-allergenic.

Italy Made Mattress is proud to announce that Slumberhigh Inc., a 100% Filipino-owned company based in Cebu otherwise known as the “Milan of Asia” has partnered with Dorsal as its distributor in this side of the globe. Slumberhigh Inc. is engaged in the manufacture and retail of fully-adjustable beds designed and crafted with comfort, style, luxury, and good health in mind.

Dorsal + Slumberhigh = comfort you’re dreaming of by Italy Made Mattress!

Innovative Features

Grand soleil cellular system

Innovative line of mattresses and pillows made with raw materials from renewable natural resources, such as sunflower oil and water. Three different molecular compositions: Monocellular, Bi-cellular, Multicellular. A Dorsal exclusive.

  • Molecular Composition

    It supports the body and matches its movements perfectly, assuring a regenerative, comfortable sleep.

  • Non-allergenic

    Especially recommended for people who want to avoid (or already suffer) dustmite allergies.

  • Natur memory pressure system

    The first natural-oil-based Memory Foam. Its natural qualities are blended with exceptional comfort properties. It alleviates pressure, distributing the weight of the body evenly over the whole mattress, for a more peaceful, deeper sleep. A Dorsal exclusive

  • 7-Zones

    Seven zones cores with different grades of firmness to follow correctly the curves of the body and provide optimal support.

Our Products


The first, the original, mattress made from renewable resources such as sunflower oil and water. To regenerate and finally sleep well a flower is all that is needed. Grand Soleil is a truly revolutionary material and the result is the mattress that you have always dreamt of, highly breathable, hygienic and with extreme comfort.



A lot is said and written about the elixir of immortality... Today Dorsal reveals a simple secret for a long life: sleep well in the most natural way. DorsalStudio has produced Elisir, an innovative line of mattresses and pillows designed to provide us all with the best sleep possible.


Adjustable Beds (Slumberhigh)

A Slumberhigh adjustable bed can be fully customized for you and your loved ones. The option is yours with regards to the bed size, type of mattress, fabric and your color preference making your bed a style of its own. For luxury, you control your bed with a wireless remote control.



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